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reach texas

missions offering

Statistics tell us that of the 28 million people in Texas, there are easily 19 million of them that do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That is a lot of people who will spend eternity separated from God if they do not choose to follow Christ.


of your Reach Texas giving is spent on missions and evangelism strategies.


What is the Reach Texas Offering?

  • The annual state missions ministry offering of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.
  • A way for you and your church to participate in the Great Commission strategy for Texas.
  • A way to start more churches and reach more people for Christ.
  • A way to change lives!

How is the offering used to reach Texas?

100% of your Reach Texas giving is spent on Missions & Evangelism Ministries / Strategies (Disaster Relief, Church Planting, Evangelism and Missions). Because of Cooperative Program giving all funds given through Reach Texas will go to missions and ministry with no administrative costs.


disaster relief

church planting



Download and order materials to share with your church about the Reach Texas Offering.