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Family Ministry

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At the SBTC, we provide support to family ministries through
conferences, leadership training, and curriculum. 


  • Family Ministry Luncheon
  • Equip Conference
  • Annual Meeting
  • Heart of the Child
view events


  • Family App
  • Armor of God
  • Family Lesson Series
  • Other Reousrces
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video training

  • Video Conferences
  • Family Ministry Videos
  • Children’s Ministry Training Series
online training
children's ministry training series

Looking for more resources & events for preschool/children's ministry?

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  • Karen Kennemur

    Preschool/Children's Ministry Associate

    Karen Kennemur serves in the areas of family, preschool, and children’s ministries. She assists ministry leaders in their ministries to children and their families.

    Karen also is the Professor of Children’s Ministries at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS). Before becoming a professor at SWBTS and later joining the SBTC, Karen served at several churches as a preschool and children’s minister and was the director of a private Christian preschool.

    Karen received her Ph.D. in childhood education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, her M.A. in christian education with a concentration in children’s ministry from SWBTS and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Baylor University.

  • Jessica Grey

    Church Health & Leadership Ministry Assistant

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