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what does “affiliation” mean?

Each local Baptist church is self-governing. Each one has the freedom to affiliate with an association or convention as they wish. In order to affiliate with the SBTC, a church will express doctrinal agreement as well as their intent to participate in mission and ministry through the Cooperative Program.

Most churches that affiliate with SBTC do so uniquely, meaning they have no other convention relationship. Others “dually” affiliate with two or more state fellowships at once. Again, each church will make the decision they think best suited for their ministry.

What are the benefits for affiliating with the SBTC?

Some conventions have built associated schools, benevolence ministries and other institutions. While these ministries can be beneficial to local churches, the SBTC has instead made its first commitment to missions and evangelism.

Other ministries are also important. The SBC and local churches have personnel that can provide expertise in a wide variety of ministries. SBTC can have a smaller staff since many ministries can be done using experts in SBTC churches and partner entities.

Conventions provide for ministry needs using the financial resources given by the churches through the Cooperative Program.


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