E-quip is a vision of the Canadian Baptist Convention. Its purpose is to provide a FREE ministry resource covering all aspects of ministry. It provides access to presentations to those who could not attend in person. Presentations are offered visually and audibly by the presenter along with the PowerPoint slides that were shown. In some cases, you will also find PDF copies of handouts. If you don't have time to watch a presentation, you can download an MP3 audio file to your phone or MP3 player.

Several Baptist state conventions as well as NOBA have portals on The NOBA portal is accessed by clicking the link on this page. If you search for "Summit"for example, you can find all presentations from previous NOBA Summits that have been uploaded since 2008. You can also search by presenter or name of a particular presentaion. You can also find presentations uploaded by other portals. Explore the portal and its informative, useful and timely information.

NOBA e-quip presentations and courses can be viewed when you click here.